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KuCoin is a digital asset trading platform with the “blockchain” as the core. The founding team of the KuCoin Digital Asset Trading Platform began to study blockchain technology in 2011. In 2013, it took the lead in realizing the technical structure of the KuCoin trading platform. In 2017, the Coin team officially entered the field of digital asset trading service platform. With a reliable, scalable technology architecture, superior service, and more operational strategies, the KUCoin Digital Asset Trading Platform truly captures market share. The main features of the platform: millions of registered capital formal company operations, core partners for senior legal professionals, risk control, compliance, anti-money laundering system to improve recharge instant, quick withdrawal, blockchain asset recharge within 2 minutes to the founder. One is the former ant gold service technical expert, the high-end concurrent financial system accumulation, the trading engine original professional memory matching technology and distributed accounting technology, processing capacity per million more than one million. Bank-level user data encryption, dynamic authentication, multi-level risk identification control, and secure transactions. The wallet is multi-layered and encrypted, stored offline in the bank safe, and the funds are managed by a third party. The bank regularly issues asset reports. The industry's best customer service, web, mail, hotline, WeChat multi-communication channels, to ensure that any customer service needs within 10 minutes to get answers.
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