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Hotcoin Global is headquartered in Australia and has established multiple server nodes in Australia, the United States, Singapore, India, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and other countries. Provide free, secure, stable and efficient encrypted asset trading services to users around the world. It offers currency exchange transactions and over-the-counter trading services, and opens five trading zones, including USDT, BTC, ETH, GAVC and innovative trading, as well as dozens of major currency transactions such as BTC, ETH, EOS, and LTC. With a professional distributed architecture and high anti-DDOS system, it has a high performance matching engine of 6 million per second, advanced hot and cold wallet multiple encryption, signature, offline storage and other security design, data transmission encryption, bank-level encryption certificate for you The transaction is escorted, the sound control system is perfect, and the man-machine has multiple wind controls to maximize the protection of the user's assets. 32 core members from home and abroad have many years of experience in the development of internet finance, trading systems and wallet systems. Hotcoin Global is based on serving newcomers around the world, continuously improving the experience of different users around the world, and promoting simple, fast and efficient product design, 7 * 24h customer service. Support Chinese, English and other multi-language versions, global novice users 10W +, daily active users more than 10,000 people, trading volume of nearly 100 million US dollars per 24 hours. We will strive to build a world-class blockchain asset trading platform. Our company has a strong technical and operation team, Currently the web page is showing versions of Chinese and English languages, other language versions like Korea and Japan will also be soon on-line. Fast Recharging and withdrawing for all assets, with 90% of cold-storage assets at the same time. Our advanced and powerful match-trade engine ensures a fast trading service, and a efficient and standard customer service team to leave you no worries for a safety trading. hotcoin.top website is persists in creating a more safely , convenient and faster assets-exchange platform for global digital crypto assets lovers.
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