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Rightbtc is the first global currency trading platform in Dubai. It is the world's leading digital asset currency exchange, providing users with currency transactions including bitcoin, ethereum, etp and many other excellent digital assets. The rightbtc professional team rigorously screens global digital assets with high investment value through multi-level wind control, and continuously launches excellent investment varieties on the platform, using our deep understanding of finance and blockchain to help investors in more reasonable and effective digital asset allocation. We will use the advantages of technology to continuously optimize the platform operation process, strictly guarantee the stability and security of the trading system, and ensure that investors can access and trade digital assets quickly, in a timely and safe manner. In order to ensure the security of the platform, we will provide: 1. Bank-level ssl encryption transmission to protect the user's information security, to ensure that user data will not be maliciously hacked or stolen. 2. cryptocurrency cold storage uses a cold wallet to store the user's digital assets in an offline environment to ensure financial security. 3. Distributed server clusters use distributed clustering technology to have servers in multiple data centers for load balancing and ensure platform stability.
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