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Breaking: What Is TRON's Partnership with Baidu About?

09:35 Monday , October 15th 2018
As reported earlier by CoinNess.com, TRON had inked a partnership with Baidu. Here follows details of the widely watched cooperation between the two firms.

According to China's local news outlet Odaily, the cooperation will provide TRON with the opportunity to build, operate and test blockchain products based on Baidu Cloud while helping guarantee compatibility and optimize development experience.

However, the focal point of this collaboration lies not in blockchain, but in the purchase and usage of Baidu's Cloud computing resources. Meanwhile, the blockchain team of Baidu Cloud will disclose a new plan dubbed "Commercialized Blockchain Super Partner Plan 1.0" in the near future to explore blockchain tech, share gains and establish a win-win blockchain ecosystem with its commercial partners. Baidu Cloud Chain is built on ABC+blockchain stack and Baidu "x" Chain, providing simple full-stack blockchain commercialization solutions for enterprises.

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