UTC-05:00,Tuesday , March 26th 2019

Security Firm: FFgame Hacked with 1,331 EOS Losing

23:39 Wednesday , November 07th 2018
According to the data from security company PeckShield, at 17:00 on Nov. 7 (UTC), FFgame, an EOS quiz game, suffered a hacker attack. The hacker account launched as many as 304 attacks on the FFgame game contract, and 1,331 EOS were gained, and 1,330 EOS were later transferred to Huobi at 17:36 on the same day (UTC+8).

PeckShield security team found that the hacker account also attacked another EOS quiz game, EOSDice, at 19:00 on November 4 (UTC+8), with a total gains of 2,545.1135 EOS. Both attacks were performed by writing a contract code to calculate the game's winning rules.

Currently, there are 81.0105 EOS in the balance of FFgame account. The contract has not been updated after the attack, and the vulnerability has not been fixed.