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Civic CEO Bets that Bitcoin (BTC) Won't Hit $28,000 by 2020

01:26 Thursday , November 08th 2018
Recently at the World Crypto Con, Civic CEO Vinny Lingham rebutted claims made by Moas, the founder and director of Standpoint Research, that Bitcoin will hit $28,000 by year-end of 2019.

Responding to Moas' unbridled bullish sentiment, Lingham responded with skepticism by first claiming that he "tried to prevent this bubble." Bringing credence to his more-bearish-than-bullish claim, which may have irked a few event attendees, Civic CEO Lingham noted:

"People actually thought that there was a paradigm shift. I was sarcastically tweeting in December - 'oh guys this is a paradigm shift.' What do you expect people to think? … I think that this is going to be a long and cold winter … The bigger the party, the bigger the hangover."

He subsequently noted that it is unlikely for BTC to surpass $28,000 because "it doesn't work that way."
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