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FFgame Attacked by Hackers May Due to the Use of Random Number Generator Algorithm

08:41 Thursday , November 08th 2018
As previously reported by CoinNess.com, FFgame, an EOS quiz game, suffered a hacker attack and lost 1,331 EOS. The attack was performed by writing a contract code to calculate the game's winning rules.

According to the analysis of a technical team from Link Security Technology, based in Shenzhen, a major city in Guangdong province, China, the hacker account is jk2uslllkjfd. The project might use a random number generator algorithm similar to eosdice, resulting in the game being attacked. Link Security Technology reminds blockchain game developers that the defined action should be performed before the reval draw when using such a random number generator algorithm, so as to ensure that the block information is unpredictable.