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12.3 Mln LTC Moved into New Wallets by Suspected Whale

03:02 Thursday , December 06th 2018
The Litecoin network has witnessed 41 wallets containing an exact amount of 300,000 LTC each come into the rich list recently. The wallets, in total, hold a whopping 12.3 million LTC, which is 20.69% of the total coins in circulation.

The addresses seen on the rich list show deposits between November 30 to December 01, 2018, and the total amount of LTC, comes to a net worth of $381.3 million, with $31 per LTC, at the time of transfer. These 41 wallets together hold 20.8% of the market cap for Litecoin.

As a result of this, the Litecoin Network witnessed more than 60% of its market cap moved in just one-day.

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CoinNess.com Market Index: LTC, $29.80, -2.44%.
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