UTC-05:00,Tuesday , June 18th 2019

BOS Sidechain Airdrop Snapshot Ends, Airdrop Ratio Is 20:1

04:57 Friday , January 11th 2019
According to IMEOS, the BOS sidechain airdrop snapshot is based on the number of EOS accounts and the EOS assets on the account at 09:50 on Jan 1 (UTC). Unlike other airdrops, BOS airdrop targets the BOS accounts. That is to say, the corresponding BOS account will be automatically generated during the airdrop if the user has an EOS account on Jan 1. In addition, the account is assigned 0.3000 BOS RAM, 0.1000 BOS NET and 0.1000 BOS CPU. The airdrop ratio is 20 EOS: 1 BOS, and accounts with less than 0.5 BOS will also be airdropped by a minimum of 0.5 BOS. In particular, for multi-signed permissions like contract accounts will also be mapped to the BOS mainnet account.