UTC-05:00,Tuesday , June 18th 2019

Altcoin Arbitrage Jan 11: LTC, TUSD, USDT, EOS, ADA, and XMR

06:41 Friday , January 11th 2019
There are quite a few currencies subject to price gaps which are waiting to be explored by traders. Even during a bearish market trend, there is some good money to be made in the process.
1. Livecoin currently maintains a lower XMR value compared with that on HitBTC, Poloniex, and gate.io. This allows for a nice profit of up to 2.2%. Another option is to buy XMR on Bittrex and sell it on Bitfinex for a 3.15% profit.
2. The TUSD value on gate.io is lower than that on VeBitcoin. This 2.4% profit waiting to be explored is pretty interesting to keep an eye on, as TUSD is gaining more traction in the industry as of late.
3. For those users looking to explore USDT price gaps, buying it on Bittrex and selling it on Sistemkoin can yield a fair 1.2% profit in the process.
4. EOS is currently subject to a minor price gap between Binance and HitBTC. There is a 0.8% price difference between both platforms.
5. The price of ADA on Binance is 0.81% lower than that on Kraken.
6. It has become rather profitable to buy LTC on Bittrex and flip it on Bitfinex for a 2.74% profit. There are also numerous options involving buying LTC on Bitstamp and selling it on Koineks, Vebitcoin, CEX, Bitfinex, Paribu, Koinim, or BtcTurk for a profit of up to 4.32%.
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