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ETH's Upgrade May Force Some Miners to Leave

07:39 Friday , January 11th 2019
According to media reports, some owners of mining farms said that if the Ethereum (ETH) price does not rise much, the Ethereum upgrade, namely the upcoming hard fork, will "kill" some miners. ETH is the largest cryptocurrency for graphics card mining, and it concentrates most of the graphics cards. After the production is reduced, the machine with high electricity cost and low efficiency of operation and maintenance will withdraw the industry. Based on the hash power of Ethereum's 574 mining machine, about 760,000 graphics card mining machines will leave the Ethereum network. In regard to this matter, CoinNess.com sought confirmation from ZHU Fa, founder of the mining pool Poolin. ZHU said, if ETH reduces its production by one-third, there will be about one-third of the hash power to be shut down.