UTC-05:00,Sunday , June 16th 2019

PeckShield: EOS Gambling Game BetDoge Falls Victim to Transaction Rollback Attack

06:57 Saturday , January 12th 2019
Between 08:15 to 10:43 (UTC) today, Jan 12, the China-based security firm PeckShield's risk-control platform, DAppShield, monitored that a hacker launched continuous attacks on EOS gambling game called "BetDoge", making a profit of hundreds of EOS. The hacker account is associated with the previously reported account which initiated attacks on uugame, thus they may be owned by the same hacker.
PeckShield security personnel warns that developers should perform security tests before the contracts go online, especially to eliminate the threats of the known attacks. If necessary, developers can seek a third-party security company to assist in completing the pre-launch attack testing and the basic security defense deployment.