UTC-05:00,Sunday , June 16th 2019

CoinNess.com 24H News Roundup Jan 12: Wyoming Passes 2 New Blockchain and Crypto-Related Bills

07:01 Saturday , January 12th 2019
1. US State of Wyoming passes two new blockchain and crypto-related bills.
1. According to media reports, some owners of mining farms said that if the Ethereum (ETH) price does not rise much, the Ethereum upgrade, namely the upcoming hard fork, will "kill" some miners;
2. LTC reached a new milestone as there are now 60 million LTC minted, signifying that approximately 71.5% of all LTC meant to exist has been mined;
3. Vitalik Buterin revealed that Casper will launch its testnet this year if the developer team operates well.
1. gate.io: ETC 51% attacker has returned $100,000 worth of ETC to gate.io;
2. The cumulative trading volume of Huobi DM Contract has broke through $20 billion;
3. Genesis Global Trading has recently reported a 50 percent year-over-year increase in its trading volume.
1. HSBC is engaging with BNM to push Blockchain Trade Finance Platform;
2. Bitmain Technologies is shelving its plans to create a mega Bitcoin mining facility in Rockdale, Texas.