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TokenInsight: PoW Tokens with Low Computing Power Will Enter into a Death Spiral

09:21 Monday , February 11th 2019
TokenInsight has released “7 Prospects in Blockchain in 2019," a blockchain research report on Feb 11. According to the report, the blockchain industry in 2019 is facing tighter, more detailed regulation. KYC and AML will be the key trends for the regulations. Blockchain and crypto companies will be compelled in seeking commercial opportunities to the use of blockchain technology; the companies will still suffer the risk of collective redundancy and insolvency. In spite of the depressing market, The potential shortage of blockchain developers spurs on the growth of blockchain education and knowledge training platforms.
Referring to the development of blockchain technology, 2019 will be a year of cross-use of blockchain in many industries. It is likely to see the alliance chain taking a lead of using in the video game industry, cross-border payment, security printing. The protection of privacy information will be a weighted design in blockchain projects. In the prospect to the secondary market, the report stated that the PoW tokens with low computing power will enter into a death spiral.
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