UTC-05:00,Tuesday , June 18th 2019

Kraken Survey: 75% Of Respondants On Twitter Think Kraken Should Delist DSV

14:03 Monday , April 15th 2019
In a Twitter poll taken by the crypto exchange Kraken, the organization aims to collect people's opinion if they should delist the trading of BSV. Kraken asked the users to select their preferred option among Yes, it's toxic; No, need price discovery; No, it's awesome; don't care (see results). The poll still have 21 hours left. At the time of writing, the poll result from 26,834 votes shows that 75% of respondants believed BSV is toxic and the crypto exchange should delist it; followed by 18% of people who don't care. Only 3% of the votes think BSV is awesome and 4% think there should be a price discovery.
As of 19:40 (UTC), on April 15, CEO of Crypto exchange ShapeShift also stood with Binance and CZ's earlier statment. The crypto exchange have decided to delist BSV from ShapeShift within 48 hours.
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