UTC-05:00,Friday , April 19th 2019

Report: Crypto Trading Rates Surge As Institutional Support Grows

07:50 Wednesday , April 17th 2019
Crypto trading rates have shown a marked increase across a number of measures between February and March as interest from institutions continues to grow.
This is according to CryptoCompare's March 2019 Exchange Review, which is published on April 17.
According to the report, most significant is the volume of trading on crypto-to-crypto exchanges, which grew by 70% between February and March. Bitcoin to US dollar trading volumes played a key role in this, climbing from 70% of all Bitcoin trading in February to 81.7% in March. Crypto spot market trades - that is, cryptocurrency traded for immediate delivery - also saw significant growth, rising 47.5% from February and totalling $325 billion in March.
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