UTC-05:00,Sunday , May 24th 2020

Former CTO Leaves TRON To Build A New Project And Threatens To Sue Justin Sun If He Keeps His Attacks

12:49 Wednesday , May 15th 2019
Lucien CHEN - who was treated as Chief Technology Officer at TRON Foundation - announced his resignation. This could have passed as a normal change of executives if it was not for Mr. Chen explained that he was doing it to devote himself fully to a new project: Volume Network which intended to "rebuild a new TRON." CHEN explained he was surprised that Justin Sun denied that his involvement in Tron as Co-founder and CTO. He also posted evidence that until his departure everyone at the TRON Foundation considered him to be so. But what made the most commotion was a warning sent to Justin Sun, stating that the path he was taking could lead to legal consequences.
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