UTC-05:00,Thursday , May 23rd 2019

Congressman Of Venezuela: "Police Kidnaps Bitcoin Miners"

17:09 Wednesday , May 15th 2019
Armando Armas, a member of Venezuelan National Assembly and a strong supporter of Juan Guaidó. He believes that blockchain identity and the blockchain-based voting system could solve some of the problems inherent to the Venezuelan political system. When asked Mr. Armas about the petro, he immediately replied that "it's not a cryptocurrency, it's a scam, it's something that Maduro was trying to create to avoid sanctions."
The current government is supportive of Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency in general, but for its own reasons - it's not uncommon for the miners or their families to be kidnapped by the police, to be released only in exchange for all their Bitcoins. In addition, the businesses which accept cryptocurrency often become the targets of the police or military racketeering.
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