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CCID Public Blockchain Ranking Round 12 - EOS, TRON, And Ethereum Remain Top 3

02:07 Thursday , May 23rd 2019
CCID Research, a Chinese IT media initiative working under China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, has released CCID's 12th Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index today, on May 23 (UTC+8), which shows EOS, TRON, and Ethereum still hold the top three spots, with scores being 148.5, 144.1, and 136.6, respectively. Compared with other scores, the top three clearly broadened the gap and formed the first camp of the evaluation list.
The fourth to 14th are listed as follows: STEEM, Ontology, LSK, BitShares, NEO, GXChain, Nebulas, Stellar, Bitcoin, Waves and Ark.
Notably, Bitcoin has moved up three places to the 12th with 101.7 points.