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PeckShield: Tracing Money Flow Of The 'Runaway' Wallet TokenStore

04:57 Friday , June 14th 2019
According to AML, the digital asset escort system of the China-based security firm PeckShield, the TokenStore wallet was exposed as a scam and carried away billions of funds from more than 2,100 investors, including BTC, XRP, ETH, ETC, EOS, LTC, USDT and other major cryptocurrencies.
Monitored by PeckShield, on June 11 (UTC+8), 25,803 EOS and 1,581 EOS have been respectively sent to Huobi and ZB exchange, totaling 27,384 EOS. Then, Huobi and the ZB exchange carried out treatments such as "freezing" or "withdrawal restriction" on the suspicious accounts. On June 12, a total of 36,271 ETH were founded in the four main addresses. On June 13, there were 42,746 ETC flowing into unknown address.
So far, the TokenStore wallet has a total of about 1.74 million USDT, valued at more than 10 million yuan. Of these, 447,268 USDT have flowed into crypto exchange Huobi, and another 426,479 USDT have flowed into the unknown exchange.
As reported, PeckShield is assisting the relevant exchanges to block suspicious funds and continuously monitor the further flow of funds. Up to now, there are still 874,283 USDT in the suspicious addresses. Meanwhile, there is a possibility of further money laundering by transferring the fund to exchanges.