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India: 'Draft Bill' Real Or Fake? Leaked Legal Documents Are As Authentic As Monopoly Money

08:36 Friday , June 14th 2019
As reported by CoinNess.com earlier, India may be contemplating a jail sentence of between one to ten years, for all investors in cryptocurrency, who are either holding, transacting or mining it.
The prominent crypto advocate and co-founder of Crypto Kanoon, Mohammed Danish, who had reservations about the looks of the document in question. He commented, "I would have believed the authenticity of the bill if there was some proof on the document like a seal or a mark from the Department of Economic affair, however, there is nothing."
Despite the fact that Danish noted that the language used in the document was in line with other legal documents, he added that there was no way to identify it as a part of the bill before the committee. He further noted that since the bill was under consideration and discussion, it cannot be made public in any way.
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