UTC-05:00,Thursday , June 20th 2019

APAC Beats North America In Blockchain; Where Are We Headed

12:28 Friday , June 14th 2019
China – and other countries in APAC – are way ahead of the U.S. when it comes to Blockchain adoption. In fact North America lags behind every region except Africa when it comes to blockchain project progress and production. This conclusion, discussed in our June 12 webinar on Blockchain trends Blockchain Unraveled: What Succeeds and What Doesn't should come as no surprise, especially when it comes China.
According to a March 2019 Washington Post article, China has invested billions of dollars in blockchain partnerships with Chinese firms and is the country leader in blockchain-related patent filings through 2017. Moreover, blockchain development is a key part of China's "13th Five-year Plan." China is Racing Ahead of the U.S. on Blockchain
According to various reports and market observers, China will most likely implement a closed controlled national blockchain which runs completely contrary to non-sovereign and decentralized blockchain principals. But in any event, the U.S. has no national strategy for blockchain – open or closed.
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