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LAMBS Will Be First Launched On BHEX, LAMBS/USDT, LAMBS/BTC Trading Pairs To Be Activated At 14:00 On July 11

08:44 Thursday , July 11th 2019
BHEX announced that it will be one of the first exchanges to launch the Lambda Space Token (LAMBS) with the LAMBS/USDT and LAMBS/BTC trading pairs to be open at 14:00 on July 11 (UTC).
LAMBS is the only digital token for Lambda storage pledge transactions. It can be used to store pledge mining and trade assets between miners in the Lambda storage network. LAMBS will allow LAMBS holders to exchange LAMB with their LAMBS at a 1:1 rate in one month.
Lambda is a blockchain storage project for Filecoin and has been invested by well-known institutions such as Bitmain, ZhenFund, and Metropolis VC.