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CoinNess Exclusive Interview With Justin Sun On Warren Buffett Lunch, TRON Super Community Scam And USDT-TRON

10:13 Thursday , July 11th 2019
CoinNess: With the frequent BTC price fluctuations, TRX goes ups and downs. Rumor comes out that the lunch with Warren Buffett is canceled. Meanwhile, victims of the TRON pyramid scheme went to TRON’s Beijing office for an explanation. Will these be an obstacle for USDT-TRON incentive plans?
Justin Sun: Absolutely not. Such rumors prove that TRON is in the spotlight. There is no doubt that more investors will participate in this activity. In addition, since January 2019, TRON Super Community had used Ponzi scheme to cheat investors, we had refuted rumors in social media channels like WeChat or Weibo to remind investors to protect their assets. When such situation happened, we positively made communications with victims and reported the case to security authorities to help the local police to investigate the whole process. In this accident, we had shown our demeanour as an industry leader to assist investors to protect their legal rights and interests.
CoinNess: What's the new progress on the lunch with Warren Buffett?
Justin Sun: The lunch will start at 17:15 UTC on July 25 in the three-star Michelin Restaurant Quince. And I have invited Litecoin founder Charlie Lee together for this lunch. We hope traditional Chinese food will freshen him up.
CoinNess: Compared with other stable coins, what's the competitive edge for USDT-TRON?
Justin Sun: USDT-TRON is the first stable coin in the world with zero transaction fees, second-level transfers and smart contracts. It has earned support from many global exchanges and wallets. Specifically, with the 200 million RMB incentive plan, more users will be sure to come. In the future, we think USDT-TRON will be frequently used just like today's USDT.
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