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Major Analysts' Opinions: Outlook Of BTC Is Bullish

14:01 Thursday , July 11th 2019
As of 19:00 on July 11 (UTC), the Bitcoin's global average price still dances above $11,700 with a 24-hour decrease of 4.01%. CoinNess.com editors have selected opinions from three crypto analysts. All of these three analysts are bullish on BTC.
1) DANI37: "BTC is consolidating within the organic GAAN lines currently working towards a breakout of the apex of the triangle highlighted in red. Price is above the cloud looking to elevate further, Everything looks rather bullish if you ask me."
2) Dwain1234: "I expect the Bitcoin price to rise. The MACD blue moving average line should be flattening out soon. There is now a pink bar showing on the MACD . The BTC price has already risen approximately $600 already today. I suspect the price will go up to $13,300 or so before the MACD blue moving average moves down temporarily again. Always use a stop loss."
3) logindaten: "200EMA does not give up
With this title we start the bitcoin analysis in a 4 hour chart
Looking at the overall upward trend of recent months, this shows very quickly how the 200 EMA has provided very important support.
What I also noticed, is the fact that the bitcoin ever came back to the 61fibu where the 200 EMA was nearby and bounced back and has formed a new high.
If this case were to recur again Bitcoin is likely to make a decision soon and possibly seek a new year's high.
If not, it could collapse significantly and form new lows. but hey what else interesting to mention. it comes to such a sale, the 61 he was in the 6000 area where the course has commuted for months and could find support there."