UTC-05:00,Wednesday , July 17th 2019

BHEX Launched LAMBS & LAMB 1:1 Exchange Campaign 07:00 UTC

03:21 Friday , July 12th 2019
According to the official announcement, BHEX opened LAMBS and LAMB 1:1 exchange campaign during 07:00 - 08:00 UTC on July 12, with a total pool of 30,000 LAMB. As of press time, the price of LAMBS is about 0.0734 USDT, and the price of LAMB is about 0.2346 USDT - the spread is equivalent to a 30% discount. According to Lambda's official announcement, the first round of exchange will be enabled one month later while BHEX users can participate in the exchange campaign one month earlier than the schedule.
LAMBS is the native token of Lambda, the only digital token that can be used as the pledge for Lambda storage. LAMBS holders can use the tokens to exchange storage with miners and for pledge mining.