UTC-05:00,Tuesday , July 16th 2019

Chainlock Makes Dash Immune To 51% Attacks, Claims Ryan Taylor

20:40 Saturday , July 13th 2019
Dash was recently in the news for the implementation of Chainlock, a protocol which helps the Dash network become immune to 51% attacks or a chain re-org. With the implementation of Chainlock on the Dash network, it can now settle payments instantly and can quickly be re-spent without any risk to the receiver.
Ryan Taylor, Dash CEO, commented, "The cost of attacking the Dash network for an hour isn’t just rent some hashrate like it is for all other cryptocurrencies, you also have to control 20, 25 percent of the coin supply before you could even attempt it. That makes Dash, probably, the most secure cryptocurrency, even more so than Bitcoin."
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