UTC-05:00,Tuesday , July 16th 2019

CNNS Now A Strategic Investment By Yunshang Capital

22:30 Saturday , July 13th 2019
Another leading VC firm joins the the committee of CNNS investors. Yunshang Capital announces on July 14 a strategic investment in CNNS, positioning it as a future game winner in the industry of blockchain-related information services.
Yunshang told CoinNess, “We believe in the growth potentials of information services in the blockchain/cryptocurrency landscape, as well as in the team behind CNNS.”
Drawn by the team, the visions, and its current status of being underestimated, Yunshang roots for CNNS, eyeing the long term development.
Yunshang Capital is an international VC firm specializing in blockchain investment and incubation, and CNNS, short for “Crypto Neo-value Neural System,” is the world’s largest blockchain-focused information services provider catering to a global clientele. The strategic partnership between the two parties will usher in a promising future for CNNS.