UTC-05:00,Tuesday , July 16th 2019

Crypto Scam Bots Back In Full Force

02:23 Sunday , July 14th 2019
Bots trying to scam cryptocurrency from consumer investors are back in full force. These accounts, which are clearly bots because of their lack of posts and odd handles, post an image of a tweet from “Binance”, which mentions a non-official website (something like Binancegiveaway.com, binancedrop, etc.) that is currently hosting a “giveaway” for a certain event, and a tweet claiming that they got some cryptocurrency from the site. Most recently, these scammers used Binance’s second birthday and the release of the 2.0 iteration of its platform to try and get users’ funds. And to further the legitimacy of the tweet, the scammers would photoshop in fake comments from notable cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors, such as Anthony Pompliano.
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