UTC-05:00,Tuesday , July 16th 2019

Justin Sun: I Hope Warren Buffett Know More About The Blockchain Industry And Its Potential

03:41 Sunday , July 14th 2019
According to Forbes' interview with TRON CEO Justin Sun, he stated meeting with Warren Buffett was one of the best opportunities to introduce a large group of people to cryptocurrency and blockchain. People who heard about the lunch or would hear about it may want to know more about the industry. He also wanted to build a bridge between the blockchain community and institutional investors, get to talk to Warren Buffett about his long term value investment strategy and get to discuss the great potential of blockchain. Justin Sun thought the lunch would be a great moment for pretty much everyone there. He didn't think he could convince Buffett that all cryptos and blockchains were good, but he hoped Buffett know more about the industry and its potential.
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