UTC-05:00,Wednesday , August 21st 2019

BTC Analysis: Bulls Need To Overcome Resistance At $10900 To Re-Enter $11k-Level

20:09 Tuesday , August 13th 2019
According to the analysis of Rajarshi Mitra, Bitcoin has had an extremely bearish on August 13, wherein the price of the asset fell from $11,390 to $10,865. So far, BTC/USD has had a bearish start to Wednesday (August 14), as the price fell further to $10,825.
The hourly breakdown shows us that BTC/USD fell from $11,250 to $10,805 within five hours. The daily confluence detector shows us that there is a strong resistance level at $10,900, which the bulls will need to overcome to re-enter the $11,000-zone.
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