UTC-05:00,Wednesday , August 21st 2019

PeckShield: PlusToken's 'Runaway Asset' Shows Movement, With 5775 BTC Divided

21:45 Tuesday , August 13th 2019
Citing data from the China-based blockchain security firm PeckShield, in the past two days, among the addresses which are involved in the PlusToken's 'runaway asset,' a Bitcoin address which starts with 1M1Tfs has sent a total of 5,775 BTC to multiple addresses, with each of them holds 50 to 150 Bitcoins. As of the press time, apart from the address mentioned above, other 31 addresses did not initiate any transactions.
PeckShield security personnel analyzed that the PlusToken project initiator is trying to carry out money laundry, aiming to escape asset tracking.