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The Next Three Months Is The Last Opportunity For Bottom Fishers, Says Bitfinex Shareholder ZHAO Dong

23:15 Tuesday , September 10th 2019
Bitfinex shareholder and founder of RenrenBit ZHAO Dong stated on China’s platform Weibo today on September 11 that he personally thinks the bear market will end soon.
“The next three months could be the last opportunity for bottom fishers, and after that, the crypto market will enter Spring and Summer, estimated to rise again with China’s stock market in 2021. There will always be ups and downs, and it’s just like the cycle of the seasons,” he said.
However, ZHAO added that he never meant to say that a steep BTC price drop must occur in the next three months. “It is still uncertain. If there is indeed a steep price drop by the end of this year, it definitely is a great buying opportunity.”
By the time of writing, BTC marks 10,073 USDT on Binance, with the 24h high being 10,320 USDT.