UTC-05:00,Wednesday , November 13th 2019

Vitalik: Proof Of Stake Is Less Environmentally Harmful

11:37 Sunday , November 10th 2019
Vitalik Buterin, Creator of Ethereum, spoke on the Proof-of-Work v. Proof-of-Stake debate, during an interview at ETHWaterloo 2. He clarified that proof-of-stake is important, adding that the network did not even have to be complete proof-of-stake as it would still contribute more towards the security of the network. "I think is important especially for people kind of value these things like having low issuance or potentially even zero issuance and so forth. I mean it's not just about Bitcoin to be clear. Like, I hope Litecoin adopts Proof-of-Stake. I think running proof of stake is less environmentally harmful."
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