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Market Trends For Bull & Bear On Nov 11: BTC

20:00 Sunday , November 10th 2019
Market trends of blockchain and cryptocurrency are examined to make predictions. CoinNess.com will study market trends-related consumer behavior, employment, blockchain tech advancements, new product development, competition, government norms and other factors that impact the bull and bear of blockchain and crypto industry.
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Nearly 50% Of Financial Professionals Believe Bitcoin Will Outperform S&P 500 In 2020
According to a study carried out by Chainalysis, a cryptocurrency data analysis firm, across 350 professionals in the finance industry, 48.6% of them believe BTC will outshine S&P 500 index in growth rate in the next 12 months. Comparative to Bloomberg Barclays bond index, the housing index and equities, BTC emerged the favorite asset choice for the financial professionals in the short term.