UTC-05:00,Monday , December 09th 2019

Hashrate Of Boboo Pool Reaches 2864972.58, Distributing Reward Of 160.72 USDT And 1 ETH

20:12 Monday , December 02nd 2019
Citing the official announcement, crypto exchange Boboo has seen its hashrate reach 2,864,972.58 from 00:00, Dec 2 to 00:00, Dec 3 (UTC), with a reward of 160.72 USDT and 1 ETH shared by miners.
Boboo is the world’s first “PoB (Proof of Behavior)” trading platform. Users can obtain hashrate through their behaviors and share the platform’s 100% revenue. Boboo also gives away 1 BTC per week and 1 ETH per day.
Any cheating behavior is forbidden. Those in violation of rules will be punished by wiping out all their hashrate.
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