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Market Trends For Bull & Bear On Dec 3: LTC And DASH

19:50 Monday , December 02nd 2019
Market trends of blockchain and cryptocurrency are examined to make predictions. CoinNess.com will study market trends-related consumer behavior, employment, blockchain tech advancements, new product development, competition, government norms and other factors that impact the bull and bear of blockchain and crypto industry.
CoinNess.com Market Index:
LTC, $46.30;
DASH, $52.11.
1) LTC
First Litecoin Mimblewimble Extension Progress Was Updated
David Burkett, the developer of Grin++, has been working with ecurrencyhodler Charlie and others for several months to design a Mimblewimble extension block so that LTC users can have confidential transactions and more fungible money. And he will make monthly updates on its latest progress.
Dash Core Senior Advisor Disappears With Investor Funds
According to a thread shared by Bitcoinist, Dash Core Group Senior Advisor MooCowMoo seems to pull an exit scam with a so-far-unknown quantity of Dash investors’ funds.
The Dash Core Group failed to provide assistance at the moment. After imploring them to help investors get in touch with MooCowMoo, since the issue was causing “a lot of stress,” users pretty much got told to figure it out on their own.