UTC-05:00,Monday , December 09th 2019

Professor: Blockchain Is The First Mature Credit Evaluation System In History

01:37 Tuesday , December 03rd 2019
ZHENG Zhiming, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, said in a recent interview that blockchain is the first-established relatively mature credit evaluation system in human history.
“The core advantage of blockchain lies in its ability of administration, which should be addressed in the future. Only with tremendous courage and patience, can the tech value of blockchain be fully developed to improve the level of social administration,” according to the academician.
When it comes to the prevailing view that the “era of blockchain” is right at the corner, ZHENG points out existing questions in the definition of the “era of blockchain.”
“We can never say that the era of blockchain has come without a significant breakthrough theoretically and technically. That means a well-established secure and controllable underlying blockchain platform with high performance is widely applied in different industries,” he said.
The hype of blockchain could have drawn people’s attention away from technology to cryptocurrency, ZHENG added.
“It’s one thing that everyone seems to be concerned about it. The other is that people tend to link it with Bitcoin and trading in cryptocurrency. I think it’s time to chill out and focus on the fundamental theoretical research of blockchain, avoid any blind hype, and facilitate the healthy development of blockchain,” the professor concluded.
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