UTC-05:00,Monday , December 09th 2019

German Banking Platform Issues Token-Based Bond

15:08 Wednesday , December 04th 2019
The German banking platform Kapilendo has issued a token-based bond for the well-known restaurant chain L'Osteria. Kapilendo announced this on December 2 via press release .
Kapilendo, the banking platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, has issued the first SME financing via a digital security together with its client FR L'Osteria SE. With more than 100 branches, FR L'Osteria SE is one of the most successful and most expansive system gastronomy concepts in Germany.
Kapilendo offers its users the opportunity for the first time to invest in a token-based bond. The securities issue and transfer will be carried out using a Kapilendo-developed emissions protocol on Stellar Blockchain's technical infrastructure. The regulatory and securities law set-up was worked out together with the capital market law and blockchain experts Eric Romba and Dr. Ing. Robert Oppenheim developed and implemented by the law firm lindenpartners. For the safekeeping of digital securities Kapilendo provides investors with a free digital safe deposit box for self-custody.
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