UTC-05:00,Friday , February 21st 2020

Algorand Transparency Report: Algorand Has Not Sold Any Algos On The Secondary Market

01:06 Monday , January 13th 2020
According to the Algorand Transparency Report, as of January 9th, Algorand beneficially owns 2.016B Algos (up from 2B at launch). Of those, 1.792B are held in the wallets they have publicly shared, and for the remaining 224M Algorand maintains legal ownership but not physical custody (as described below).
As of the publishing of this report, Algorand has not sold any Algos on the secondary market. The company plans to sell a limited amount of tokens in 2020 with the goal of funding development initiatives; sales will be conducted via a structured program as outlined below. For the calendar year 2020, Algorand commits to selling only rewards earned for supporting the network, and may sell fewer or no Algos at all.
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