UTC-05:00,Friday , July 10th 2020

Bitcoin SV Is Going Parabolic, But Some People In The Crypto Community Think It May Be An "Exit Scam"

02:28 Tuesday , January 14th 2020
Bitcoin SV (BSV) has been caught within a massive uptrend over the past several days, which has allowed its price to go on a parabolic rally that is leading it up towards its all-time highs.
Its long-term prospects, however, may be haunted by the fact that recent polling suggests that nearly 60 percent of market participants believe it is an "exit scam in progress."
This polling came from a recent tweet from Alistair Milne – a popular figure within the cryptocurrency community who heads the Altana Digital Currency Fund – who conducted a poll with over 4,500 participants, with a whopping 58.4 percent claiming to believe that BSV is an exit scam, while a mere 18.6 percent believe that it is not an exit scam.
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