UTC-05:00,Tuesday , January 28th 2020

Messari Founder: U.S. SEC Is Strategic, But Painfully Slow

15:28 Tuesday , January 14th 2020
According to AMBCrypto, on the latest episode of the 'On The Brink with Castle Island' podcast, Ryan Selkis, founder and CEO of Messari, spoke about his views on crypto-asset networks and his expectations for 2020. During the podcast, Selkis addressed how staking services have abstracted away the economics and underpinnings of DeFi, stating that the yield on staking is essentially a very tax-inefficient stock dividend.
"What it does show," Selkis said, "is that the economically motivated actors, the investor-oriented actors in these ecosystems, are going to aggregate or find a way to kind of leverage other people's money to make a rational investment decision, even if the killer app and the end-users are not paying attention."
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