UTC-05:00,Tuesday , January 28th 2020

Bitcoin's Share Of PoW Mining Rewards Now Above 80 Percent

10:32 Thursday , January 16th 2020
Rewards received by Bitcoin miners form a major chunk of the salaries paid across major proof of work (PoW) blockchains, according to Yassine Elmandjra, a cryptocurrency analyst from ARK Invest.
For example, Bitcoin miners were paid over $15 million worth of the cryptocurrency as an incentive to mine blocks and secure the network on Jan. 9. Meanwhile, the total rewards paid across BTC, ETH and other major PoW cryptocurrencies including ZEC, LTC, ETC, BCH and BSV were just a bit more than $18 million.
Essentially, Bitcoin miners were responsible for nearly 83 percent of the total mining rewards paid across major PoW blockchains.
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