UTC-05:00,Tuesday , January 28th 2020

BIS Head: Bitcoin Took Us By Surprise; Events With Libra Have Been Wake-Up Call For Central Banks

12:03 Thursday , January 16th 2020
Agustin Carstens (pictured above), head of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which is owned by central banks and acts as the bank of central banks, has stated bitcoin took them by surprise.
"We are trying to avoid being surprised by innovation, as we were with bitcoin and Libra," Carstens said in laying out a strategy that metaphorically tries to combine hoodies with suits.
"Events with Libra have been a wake-up call for central banks. We central bankers were in a comfort zone, but Libra showed we needed to change. So, there has been a lot of consulting and debate with Facebook, and ourselves," Carstens said.
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