UTC-05:00,Saturday , July 11th 2020

Over 4500 Cryptopia's Stolen ETH Moved

03:26 Saturday , January 18th 2020
Citing data from Beijing-based blockchain security firm Chainsguard, Cryptopia's stolen assets are undergoing large-scale money laundering operations, mainly through addresses beginning with 0x341a. Over 4,500 ETH have been laundered in about 6 hours. It is reported that the address received two large ETH transfers at around 02:00 UTC on Jan 18. Since then, the stolen assets have been sent to three crypto exchanges.
After the completion of the aforementioned money laundering, related operations are still in progress. The address starting with 0x93db, which has gathered more than 17,000 stolen ETH, has transferred to 3,400 ETH to the address starting with 0x341a. It is expected that the money laundering activities will continue.