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BTC Price Predictions For Feb 16: 20 Go Long; 9 Go Short

13:51 Saturday , February 15th 2020
As of 18:13 UTC on Feb 15, the global average price of Bitcoin is trading above the $9,800 level, marking $9,876.98.
Out of the 59 accredited crypto analysts with CoinNess.com, 20 think that for the next 16 hours (16:00 UTC, Feb 15 to 12:00 UTC, Feb 16), the price of BTC will rise, 9 think it will drop, and 30 think it will continue to trade sideways.
CoinNess.com selects opinions from three popular crypto analysts for your market analysis:
@Biquanhuage: The broader market continued to fluctuate in a narrow range near the MA5 line. The lower MA10 is a short-term strong support.
$10,000 can be regarded as a short-term supporting line. After reaching $10,000 the $10,500 range, it is highly to reach the $11,000 target. The pressure level: $10,500, The support level: $10,000.
@Eagle Eye Blockchain: There is no obvious change in the market, and it will continue to be adjusted within the oscillating range. The Bollinger track extends flat and forwards in the 4-hour chart. In the short term, the probability will continue to continue the current situation, the general trend will remain upward, and the strong support can be $10,000. The pressure is $10,500.
@Wugeshuobi: After a narrow range of shocks, Bitcoin finally chose to fluctuate around $10,250 and failed to reach $10,400. Then, it may continue to move sideways.