UTC-05:00,Thursday , May 28th 2020

Chainsguard: ETH Gained From Weibo Data Sale Flows Into HitBTC Exchange

20:47 Wednesday , March 25th 2020
Chainsguard Chainsmap found that 57.31 ETH suspected to be related to the "Weibo data leakage" event were collected and flowed to the HitBTC exchange. According to a data analyst, after the data leakage happened, the transaction address provided by the informer was monitored. Although the data sellers gave different addresses to different buyers, they recently collected a total of 57.31 ETH from 155 addresses, including Chainsguard-monitored addresses, into a new address and then transferred to the exchange. After the data leakage, most of them were traded only once with the trading volume between 0.3 and 0.5 ETH.