UTC-05:00,Thursday , May 28th 2020

1021477 Boboo.com’s Native Token BOBT Generated During Prior Warm-Up Campaign

21:00 Wednesday , March 25th 2020
According to Boboo.com, as of 00:00, March 26 (UTC), a total of 1021477 BOBT was generated. This news came after the warm-up campaign designed for the incoming BOBT sales successfully completed, with all participators given twofold BOBT, which will be sent to their wallets at 20:00, March 26. BOBT deposit and withdrawal services will be live at 02:00, March 27.
BOBT, as its official explanation says, represents an ERC 20-based native token developed by Boboo.com with a total supply of 21 million. All BOBT will be generated from a handout that happens as users trade cryptos on the exchange. The generation process is limited to 100 days and those not generated before the deadline will be burned. All net incomes from crypto-to-crypto trading commissions will be used to buy back BOBT which will be burned at last on the condition that all BOBT are generated or the generation term expires.