UTC-05:00,Thursday , May 28th 2020

Boboo.com: BOBT White Paper Officially Released

21:30 Wednesday , March 25th 2020
Citing an official announcement, the white paper of BOBT, the native token of Boboo.com, has been released on March 26, introducing a new form of native token that features full giveaway, full buy-back, full transparency, and co-management by the community.
BOBT is an ERC 20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain, with only 21 million coins to be generated in total through activities of crypto-to-crypto trading. These BOBT will be given away to users within 100 days with no additional issuance. Remaining BOBT, if any, will be burned. BOBT will officially enter the inflation process featuring "buy-back&burn and free circulation" when the total supplies are mined or the generation term expires. In this process, 100% of the net income of commission fees earned from crypto-to-crypto trading among users will be used to buy BOBT back. In the meantime, BOBT-related trading pairs will be listed on Boboo.com. Users are free to decide whether these coins are to be bought back and burned or used to exchange other cryptos.
BOBT Whitepaper