UTC-05:00,Saturday , March 28th 2020

Block.one CEO Elaborates On Future Of Bitcoin, Blockchain

22:36 Wednesday , March 25th 2020
Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.one, expressed his opinions in a series of tweets about the future of Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain.
Per the CEO, if Bitcoin continues to grow exponentially, single transactions will move to private chains, institutions will make BTC management easy for the masses, and inter-company settlements will dominate the limited bandwidth of the main chain.
Meanwhile, Bitcoin and crypto will be offering people a transparent store of value with provable supply integrity and self-empowering custody options.
“Blockchain isn’t going to give us every freedom we want, nor is it going to end governments, or their ability to track and influence our actions, but it will increase the efficiency and mutual accountability of the governing process,” he said.
CoinNess Market Index: BTC, $6,746.92; EOS, $2.33.
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